Community Advisory Board

I am honored to have been appointed to the 2013-2016 Statewide Consumer Advisory Board at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Office of HIV/AIDS.

The purpose of the Massachusetts Statewide Consumer Advisory Board (SWCAB) is to provide advisory to the Office of HIV/AIDS (OHA) and Bureau of Infectious Disease about population health initiatives to reduce HIV, HCV and sexually transmitted diseases through high quality public health interventions and care services. Health promotion initiatives focus on persons living with HIV, HCV, and those at high risk due to life circumstances, behavioral and medical conditions.

The SWCAB is a diverse group of HIV and HCV+ individuals that provides advisory to the OHA regarding funded services system and to inform integrated prevention and care plans. In consultation and partnership with OHA staff, community engagements are planned and sponsored by the SWCAB in local settings with range of consumer stakeholders, including persons at risk and living with HIV and HCV infections.

Advisory findings and recommendations are documented, synthesized, and reported to inform adjustments and advancements in HIV, HCV and sexually transmitted disease, prevention, care, and treatment responses. Community engagements are grounded in the use of data to base engagement priorities. SWCAB membership reflects the profile of HIV and HCV in Massachusetts in terms of race, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, gender identify, mode of transmission, and geographic region. The SWCAB is supported by the Behavioral Health and Infectious Disease Unit, Office of HIV/AIDS (OHA).

Living Openly with HIV/AIDS